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Hidden Mother is a contemporary music duo focused on scenic music. What distinguishes Hidden Mother from other groups in this genre is that they incorporate performance art within their shows. Music by composers like Hanna Hartman, Lisa Streich and Magdalena Meitzner is mixed with performance art by artists like Marina Abramovic, Rebecca Horn and Hector Meinhof. 

The members are professional percussionists, but Hidden Mother is far from a traditional percussion ensemble. The instruments they use are often different sound objects and electronics.


Hidden Mother: Ulrik Nilsson and Magdalena Meitzner. The duo is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Magdalena Meitzner is a composer as well as freelancing musician. Ulrik Nilsson (former members of the internationally acclaimed Kroumata Percussion Ensemble) is a freelancer.


Repertoire, music:

Georges Aperghis: Les guetteurs de sons (1981)

John Cage: Inlets (1977)

Morton Feldman: King of Denmark (1964, trio version)

Hanna Hartman: Message from the lighthouse (2009)

Hanna Hartman: Borderlines (2010)

Esaias Järnegard: Night Work (2009)

Lina Järnegard: 7 scenes (2014)

Hector Meinhof: The White Anthill (2014)

Hector Meinhof: Nattvardsgästerna/The communicants (2015)

Magdalena Meitzner: Zirkel (2009)

Magdalena Meitzner: Raum (2010)

Magdalena Meitzner: Drei Gesichter/Thymos (2011)

Magdalena Meitzner: Tarot des Sens (2012)

Steve Reich: Pendulum music (1968)

Lisa Streich: Play time (2012)

Leo Correia de Verdier: Ikena (2012, with soprano)

Mattias Sköld: Instructions for three performers (2011)

Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri: Duo for Motor and Sound Panels (2016)

Repertoire, performance:

Hector Meinhof: Braille (2010)

Hector Meinhof: The White Anthill (2014)

Hector Meinhof: The Communicants (2015)

Marina Abramovic: Rhythm 10 - the star (1973)

Rebecca Horn: Der Federfinger (1972)


Video art:

Hector Meinhof: Malcrêatiure (2011)

Pontus Langendorf: The Fifth Squire (2012) Collaboration with Magnus Bunnskog

Hidden Mother: Audio Graffiti (2011)




"[...] that with brilliance leads us through the pieces, one more difficult than the next, with seriousness, musicality, humour and great, great integrity. It is a frightfully skillful performance." 

          - Ingeborg Okkels, Seismograf 2014

"Hidden Mother is a contemporary ensemble, whose members combine high musical competence in their instrumental skills with an intelligent research for new formats and presentations in a rare-to-find quality" 

   - Heiner Goebbels 2014


"Hidden Mother's artistic research and curiosity is promising, and I'm sure they will keep surprising not only the academic music world with unexpected projects" 

                           - Heiner Goebbels 2014


"Inspires the audience imagination, makes them associate and reflect on other art forms" 

                  - André Chini, composer