Öländsk Suite, by Alexandra Nilsson

Slowly stroking a piece of sandstone over the rough surface of a 540 million-year-old limestone from the Swedish island Öland; to explore the texture and listen to the organic rhythms produced by the fossils engraved on the surface - the traces from the past, trails from the movements made by now extinct organisms - like the needle on a gramophone in the grooves of a vinyl disc.

Öländsk Suite consists of the four movements Byrum, Ramsnäs, Hagskog and Kalkbrott. Les Pyrenées, for slate and electronics, is added to the program, performed on slate from the French Pyrenées. The duration of the program is about 50 minutes.

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The Tower of Silence, by Jens Hedman

Brand new music for percussion and electronics - adapted to the unique acoustics and environment that bathhouses offer - composed for the duo Hidden Mother's special sense of performance and visual expression. The water has a central role in the concert and the musicians use the water as an instrument.

The music is based on Zoroastrianism, one of the world's oldest religions and still practiced since over 3000 years. Zoroastrianism has had a profound influence on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is a monotheistic belief, centered on a dualistic cosmology of good and evil, and an eschatology that foretells the ultimate destruction of evil.

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